You Can’t Have A Healthy Marriage With A Sick Soul

It’s a GREAT Feeling to be true. :)

You can flirt with anyone you want and even date celebrities (in your mind and while asleep :p ). But there are situations, where you will tend to feel very low.

Well, I’m a Ambivert and have very few people i prefer to hangout, and LOVES MY SOLITUDE, but at times the loneliness becomes GODDAMN CRAZY…!!

  1. When you’ll see other couples :

Everything seems normal until you see another couple cozying up in a theater, park or in a cafeteria. You’ll miss all the love-attention-care that you’re not getting and it’s a great way to spoil your mood.

2. Special Person :

You may have bunch of people around you to give you company, a loving family and supportive parents to have your back, but the need of that ONE SPECIAL SOUL never dies. There are plethora of ideas, stories, feelings, moments inside you that you just can’t express with any of your buddies and family and it deserves special sensitivity. That “one special person” who can make your “an average day” a special one by just making a call, face-time, video-calls or a surprise meet. That’s something ABSOLUTELY priceless.

3. Loneliness :

Deep down inside, you’re ALONE. Loneliness is killing you, slowly and steadily. You try all possible measures to make it up for it like shopping, dates, Netflix (for girls) and tinder, okcupid, parties fro guys but it never works. Although, a girl receives a lot of attention, be it social media or from her friend-circle, a guy is always made fun of, as he’s unable to get a girl. What a SOCIETY we belong to :)

4. Special occasions :

Be it prom-nights, Valentine’s day, or indian culture specials : Saraswati Puja (Bengali’s Valentine’s Day) and Durga Puja (NAVRATRI in India), it’s a NIGHTMARE if you’re single. It’s a terrible feeling coz you don’t have anyone, who’s special enough to celebrate such occasions. Everyone else except you has managed to get a partner (even for the time-being ;) ) and you’re here, SAD and LONELY, waiting for a MIRACLE :-D

SADDER PART : Even pubs/discs allowed only couple entries, which means you can’t even get your hands on a bear-can..!!

5.How time flies :

At a certain point of time, you’ll see all your friends are falling in love, getting committed, became serious in life and what not…and you’re here :)

You’ll see your BFF spending less times with you, your playmates are busy with their respective partners, your circle vanishes in no time whenever you plan something. If you’re in mid-20’s and an Indian, you’re already late for marriage. So hurry up and find someone, or you’ll be HANGED.. :-D

6. Physical Needs :

This is one of the most cruel part. You miss being touched, loved and caressed. SEX doesn’t only satisfies one’s physical desires, it also soothes the soul. People with higher physical demands tend to became desperate and gets involved into various unethical activities, which can easily ruin someone’s life. This issue is still a taboo in many corners of the world and it has immense impact.

7. Habits :

If you had one partner before, that existing habit KILLS. You’ll realize you won’t get the cuddles, wake-up texts, good-night chats and all the attentions, once you were so used to. You miss their existence in your life, you miss their smell, their touch, their warmth. You miss everything about them and it is VERY VERY HARD to come out of such habitual issues.

8. You Miss Yourself :

You miss the brighter side of you. You could have had all the fun, adventures, incredible experiences that all the happy-go-lucky couples are getting, and you’re simply deprived of that. You miss being happy, being energetic, being in love :)

Although, I can come up with a lot of points on why being SINGLE is way better than being committed, but as you know, each coin has it’s two side… :)

Doesn’t matter whether you’re single or committed,



Always be happy :)

At the end of the day, HAPPINESS is the ultimate gain of life :)



Do let me know if you have any valuable suggestions..!!

Thank You All..!!


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