Why Being A ���Bad Mom��� May Make You A Better Parent

You’re running out of patience

Reconsider your expectations and ask yourself if your kid’s behavior is in accordance with his or her age and stage of child development, like the never-ending “why” of 2-year-olds. This may delay your impulse and help you reflect on the case with a much more benevolent attitude.

You’ve repeatedly asked them to behave, but they keep disobeying

Avoid assuming a child knows what his mistake was or what you mean when you say “play nice.” Be precise about what is wrong and why. A simple “don’t pinch your brother, it hurts” will do.

Your kid is about to lose control

When kids are about to get out of control, responding in a way that gives away tension tends to worsen the situation. Stay calm, make eye contact, and lower your voice. Calm has a powerful ability to recall peace.

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