What Picture In Your Phone Makes You Smile Every Time You See It? Why

I have the below picture set as the background on my phone right now:

If you come to a strong conclusion that all you could see is two men holding each other, then you are actually wrong; because it’s not two, but three men leaning towards each other. Look at the below picture (taken from internet):

What you see above is called “Molecule Men”, a thirty-meter aluminium sculpture with adequate intermittent holes (that represents the molecules) designed by the American sculptor Jonathan Borofsky and installed in the Spree river in Berlin, Germany. It actually represents the intersection of three districts - Treptow, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain (now all these three districts come under Berlin). This sculpture was also installed in Council Bluffs, USA (source - Wikipedia). The real outstanding beauty when you visit this sculpture is that you rarely predict that there were actually three men in the sculpture until you really get close to the sculpture.

So, here are the words of Jonathan Borofsky about this sculpture:

Both people and molecules exist in a world governed by probability, and that the objective of all creative and scientific traditions is finding wholeness and unity within the world.

I took this picture (the first one) on a Sunday evening sunset when I went to the riverside for a beer.


  1. Please bear if the picture is not worth posting here since my photographic skills are at a very mediocre level :)
  2. If you look carefully at the right corner of the picture, you could also notice the Television Tower, the symbolic attraction of Berlin.

Thanks for reading!!

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Source : https://www.quora.com/What-picture-do-you-have-as-the-background-on-your-phone-right-now

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What picture do you have as the background on your phone right now?
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