What Picture In Your Phone Makes You Smile Every Time You See It? Why

A couple of them actually.

There are many such photos in my laptop, but right now I'll only upload those from my phone.

My mom gave me a surprise on my 18th, but she did not put the pastry in the refrigerator thinking I might see it.

Midnight surprise except I actually opened the door around the time she was preparing.

I was on a movie date with my cousin on my birthday and she made me blow a candle in the theatre cafe.

I decided to not cut a cake, but call my cousins over for dinner. However, those kids were excited for a cake. My brother and I brought one at 8 pm.

Now you're all probably thinking how I blessed I am and how sweet all of it was.

Last year, on my 17th birthday, I cried in the toilet and felt like killing myself right that instant. My exam was starting from the next day, my brother wasted so much of my time and nobody seemed to care. It seemed like none were happy for my existence, but were only excited for the cake. I was also depressed and very much stressed out. So I ended up cutting the cake without even smiling and went in the room afterwards without communicating with anyone. I ended up feeling really unworthy and I thought of not celebrating my birthday this time because the thought of it alone gave me anxiety. I became open on how they had made me feel last year and they all tried so hard to make up for it which I'm forever grateful for.

I did accept the fact that they're humans and everyone makes mistakes, but when I look back, it still does make me want to cry.

It was my first time going to another country except India. I really wanted a break because I was too stressed about my life. And the fact that I was going with my mom made it 100x more amazing because I don't get to spend time with her often.

I don't remember much (even though it was in May), but before or after this photo was taken, we were sitting in the streets. I had told my mom that someone would mistake us for prostitutes because there were tons of them and one Arabic guy ended up mistaking me for one. He later apologized.

And also I had never been near a sea/ocean.

One thing about Thailand that really made me happy was the fact that they worshipped Hindu Gods as well and I never saw that coming. I saw statues of Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Goddess Laxmi and other Gods being worshipped.

Around this time, I was feeling really good health wise after so many days. I wanted to smile for the photo. My usual smile isn't like that.

After this, I ended up laughing because of my mom's pose. And I don't have many pictures with my mom, so. :)

I don't have many pictures with my brother either.

This doll was a gift on my birthday and I kept it that way while Gracie was sleeping.

She was barking at the monkey outside like that.

I mean, do I even need a valid reason for this?

Ignore the floor. It was SUPER hot that day. I was sitting in the room with a fan. I was literally sweating inside the room. I looked for Gracie and saw this. I knew that she loved the sun, but didn't know she loved it enough to sit there on such a hot day. And she always has her eyes closed when she's facing the sun.

I feel like I take more photos of Gracie on a daily basis than I take of myself.

Gracie came to us when she wasn't even a month old, so I sure do feel she grew up so much and so well. It feels like she's my child. She fitted in my hand and my hands are small btw.

Source : https://www.quora.com/What-picture-in-your-phone-makes-you-smile-every-time-you-see-it-Why

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What picture in your phone makes you smile every time you see it? Why?
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