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If the US were to make the attempt, it would probably ultimately manage to land troops in the UK at great cost in lives and resources.

However, this would involve getting across the Atlantic, where the Royal Navy would more than hold their own against the US navy. In particularly, the Astute Class submarine is considered the most capable attack sub available, and would be the primary weapon in the early stages of the campaign.

They would be used to target very specific US Navy assets: Supply ships, Landing Ships and Aircraft carriers, in roughly that order. Although this wouldn’t be remotely sporting, it would make it very hard to land a significant force in the UK, particularly with minimal armoured support or air support. According to an answer I saw to a similar question, the US can land approximately one division at a time using currently available assets. This would not be sufficient to overcome the British army, particularly with large numbers of reservists and ex-forces volunteers that would be called up to fight. Most beaches still have WW2 era anti-landing defences, such as dragon’s teeth, which would almost certainly still obstruct operations until they were removed.

Meanwhile, British special forces would be taking advantage of how relatively straightforward it is for them to blend in in the US after sneaking over the Canadian border. Again, rather than trying to take out barracks, they’d be targeting ‘soft’ assets, such as cargo ports, power distribution infrastructure and water supplies. GCHQ and similar agencies would be using the internet to fight the war against US public support for the war.

If the US did successfully land a sufficiently well resourced and supported force in the UK to take control of the country, they’d then have to deal with the population. We spent 30 years as a country fighting the IRA, who were not nice people. We know a lot of ways to hide IEDs. There would be little cooperation, large scale sabotage, and constant low-level warfare. You could occupy the UK, but there’s a lot of engineers and mechanics here who would be very creative with what they turned into weapons.

It’d be like Afghanistan or Iraq, with locals who don’t need a translator to tug on the heartstrings of US TV audiences and look just like them.

Ultimately, public opinion and casualties would be very likely to force a US withdrawal.

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Could the United States successfully invade the United Kingdom, if the rest of the world did not intervene?
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