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With less than a thousand students at any one time and a reputation as the world’s top performing arts school, admittance is highly competitive.

Small, intensive classes mean that students quickly forge close bonds with each other, which is why the 2004 disappearance of 21-year-old Sarah Fox rocked everyone at the school.

Fox had left her apartment one day to go jogging in the nearby Inwood Hill Park and never returned. Students at Julliard mounted a major search effort with the police; manning phone lines, searching the park and nearby areas. Six days after Sarah Fox first disappeared, one of the searchers made a grisly discovery.

Her naked body was found in a secluded wooded area of the park, partially decomposed. She had been strangled, then posed in what police described as a “ritualistic” position. Her body was surrounded by tree branches and two dozen yellow tulip petals, spread evenly in a circle.

Chillingly, a botanist called to the crime scene examined one of the tulip petals, and declared that it had only been picked between 24-48 hours before the discovery of Fox’s body, and came from elsewhere in the park.

Her advanced state of decomposition meant that Fox had likely been murdered within hours of leaving home and the killer had returned to the scene of the crime days later to place the petals.

Actress Gillian Jacobs was a student at Julliard at the time, and was friends with Sarah Fox when she disappeared.

“At Juilliard you’re assigned a buddy, which is a kid in the class below you to mentor, and she was my buddy,” Jacobs explained to Marc Maron during a 2013 interview.

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