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You need a BREAK. You need a vacation. Seriously. It matters for your health! Hence, why we’ve launched FitFluential Explorer. This travel series will showcase amazing places to visit all over the U.S. and then globally – why? To encourage all of you to take more VACATIONS and more TIME OFF. You will reduce your STRESS and improve your well-being.

According to >Project: Time Off

, “More than half of American workers (55%) left 

vacation  time 

unused  in 2015. This adds up to 658 million 

unused vacation days . … U.S. workers forfeited 222 million of the 658 million 

unused vacation days . These 

days  cannot be rolled over, paid out, or banked for any other benefit—they are purely lost”

People- our workaholism situation is NOT doing us any favors. The cases of Adrenal Fatigue are rising dramatically- and while people are not using vacation days, they are using SICK days. We need balance. We need a break. It’s time to make it a priority to take vacations!!! Get out and see this country. Do it for your health. 

Today’s FitFluential Explorer post is showcasing PARK CITY, UTAH. What a place.

I had been to Park City numerous times for business over the past years and fell in love. This past Fall my man and I headed out there for 2 glorious weeks, spent a fabulous time in a Homeaway home (hello what did we DO before Homeaway? We are OBSESSED.) and recorded all the favorite things we did, so YOU can see why you should head to Park City, UT for your next getaway. 

NOTE: In our view there are two times to see Park City– summer months and then snow/ski season. NOTE: The Sundance Film Festival takes place from January 23rd, 2020 to February 2nd, 2020- and so typically, December and January can be very busy and booked months. BOOK AHEAD. 

We went the last 2 weeks of August and it was perfection. The weather was typically 70 degrees during the day and at night it was build-a-fire night weather around 45-50 degrees. Look up weather before you go as winter arrives EARLY for Park City but it’s BEAUTIFUL. We are planning to book our HOMEAWAY home for this August and for New Year’s Eve way in advance. 

So, read on and see what we love about Park City. GREAT food, GREAT cocktails, GREAT crowds, very laid back vibe, fun shopping, tons of hiking and when it’s winter, SKIING galore, plus many other outdoor sports and activities. 

It is an epic place to get OUT and enjoy nature then head inside by a fire with a toasty beverage and meet some new friends. 


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