Search For Survivors After Afghanistan Landslide Destroys 300 Homes

A landslide destroyed nearly 300 homes, killing at least 10 people, as it swept through an Afghan village where residents were using only basic digging tools to search for survivors, officials said.

A mountain lake in Panjsher, a province north of Kabul known for its snowcapped peaks, overflowed and sent water and mud cascading over Peshghor village, Omar Mohammadi, spokesman for the disaster management ministry, said.

Jamil Ahmad was lying in bed just before midnight when he said he heard a sound like “jets” flying overhead.

“Somebody shouted ‘Flood!’ and I ran away with my family to higher ground,” Ahmad said by telephone.

“The people started firing (weapons) into the air to warn others about the flood.”

Landslide/floods in #Panjshir took life of 10 people and destroyed many homes. #Afghanistan

— Wais Barakzai (@WaisBarakzai) July 12, 2018

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Search for survivors after Afghanistan landslide destroys 300 homes
Afghan villagers search for survivors after landslide destroys nearly 300 homes
Afghan landslide kills 10, destroys 300 homes
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