Petty? No. Here's Why Hall Of Fame's Terrell Owens Decision Is A Win Win For Both Sides

Terrell Owens will not be at the induction ceremony for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and there won’t be much mention of him, either.

The Hall of Fame’s executive director, Joe Horrigan, made that clear Wednesday, when he told the Talk of Fame Network that Owens won’t be recognized during the Gold Jacket dinner on Aug. 3 or the nationally televised ceremony on Aug. 4.

News of Horrigan’s comments caused many to call the move retribution for Owens’ public decision to skip the induction ceremony, a first for a still-living inductee. But as a member of the voting committee (and someone who spoke in favor of Owens at this year’s meeting), I believe the Hall’s recent decision is a win-win for both sides.

Let me be clear: People should be OK with Owens’ decision to skip the weekend, even though he’s making a mistake by not coming. For Owens, someone who sought and commanded attention for his entire career, it’s not a jump to deduce that the spotlight and appreciation that would be placed on his achievements — all while being compared to the titans of the game’s past — would’ve been be an experience he treasured. If he thinks he’d get the equivalent of that elsewhere, it’s his right to do what he pleases.

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Petty? No. Here's why Hall of Fame's Terrell Owens decision is a win-win for both sides
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