One Skillet Poblano Chili Mac

We've rounded up our favorite, easy ways to prepare chicken. 

Chicken is arguably the South’s favorite protein to put on the dinner table. We love it for it’s nutritional value, accessibility, low cost, and—most importantly—extreme versatility. This much-loved poultry serves as a blank slate and flavor-absorbing foundation for every type of cuisine imaginable. It can be roasted, pan-seared, grilled, and even cooked in a Southerner’s favorite fashion—hand-breaded and deep-fried. We’ve rounded up more than 100 of our favorite chicken recipes so that you’ll never have to look to far to find an easy chicken recipe that will please your crowd any night of the week. These chicken recipes include everything from Southwest Chicken Tortillas, to BBQ Chicken Pizza, to Chicken Pot Pie. For your easy weeknight chicken dinners, look no further.

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Easy Chicken Recipes
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