NASA Just Released The Song Of The Summer

This pic was snapped by Nasa's Curiosity vehicle.

The image, which is a bit distorted near the bottom due to the quirks of taking a panorama with the rover's own body in the frame, is a timely reminder of just how harsh the conditions on the Red Planet are.

In the continuing battle for the most impressive selfie, the Curiosity rover has left your tropical beach photos in its dust. "Some seem related to how hard the rocks are".

In the photo, you can see a thin layer of dust on Curiosity, the result of the same storm which enveloped the red planet this summer.

The same storm seen in Curiosity's selfie blocked sunlight from the solar-powered Opportunity, silencing it on 10 June.

Flight controllers hope that as the Martian sky continues to clear, Opportunity will get back in contact. Unfortunately, the rock samples on the Vera Rubin Ridge continued to hide their secrets.

But it is grappling with other problems.

There was early success, as the rover found chemical and mineral proof.

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There's no way for Curiosity to determine exactly how hard a rock will be before drilling it, so for this most recent drilling activity, the rover team made an educated guess.

Image: Curiosity captured this image of dust forming in the atmosphere in June.

Experts say Curiosity has never been anywhere on the planet which has so much variation in colour and texture.

While the latest drill sample hasn't solved the mystery of Vera Rubin Ridge, scientists were simply relieved to collect and analyze some powdered rock.

Mr Vasavada said: "The ridge isn't this monolithic thing - it has two distinct sections, each of which has a variety of colours".

"Testing has shown it to be as effective at drilling rocks as the old method, suggesting the hard rocks would have posed a problem no matter which method was used". Most likely, Vasavada said, groundwater flowing through the ridge in the ancient past had a role in strengthening it, perhaps acting as plumbing to distribute this wind-proofing "cement".

Two more drilled samples are planned for the ridge in September.

Vera Rubin Ridge sits on the flanks of Mount Sharp, the 3.4-mile-high (5.5 kilometers) mountain that rises from the center of the 96-mile-wide (154 km) Gale Crater.

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