My Credit Card Strategy: Two Cover The Bases And One’s On Deck

In Clash Royale, I use this deck:

It is such an odd deck, that it doesn’t even fit into one singular archetype.

There are currently a few different “archetypes” in the game, which most decks fall into:

  • Beatdown
    • You place down an expensive unit with high hp but low damage, then stack a whole bunch of units behind it who are likely ranged, who have lower hp, but high damage.
    • The goal is to try and steamroll your opponent’s defenses
  • Siege
    • The main cards in this are X-bow, Mortar, or Rocket.
    • The goal is to attack your opponent’s towers from YOUR side of the arena.
    • It’s difficult to use, but once mastered, you should win just about every time
  • Chip
    • You use cheap, fast units to deal small amounts of damage over time.
    • The goal is to eventually wear down their towers until they fall.
  • Bait
    • A variation of the chip deck
    • There are a number of cheap cards which have numerous low hp units, which can deal a lot of damage. They are countered easily by area damage-dealing cards, but most decks only carry around two area damage cards.
    • This tries to bait out your splash cards, then hit you with a swarm that is difficult to counter
  • Bridge Spam
    • Another variation of chip
    • The idea is that you want to make your opponent have less elixir than you, then spam all your cards in the front, as fast as possible.

So, now that I’ve gone through the archetypes. here’s where mine sits:

It is a combination of a chip deck and a siege deck. I can switch between either whenever I want to. That’s what makes it so successful.

I can either be aggressive and use my princess, or my fire spirits(you can probably guess which ones those are based on the picture, if you don’t play the game), chipping their tower down slowly, or I can sit back, play defense, then hit them with rockets and fireballs.

So, this deck actually does really well if I have less elixir than my opponent, because the main purpose of this deck is defense. So, after all this explanation, here’s how it tends to match up against various archetypes:

Beatdown: I easily destroy these, unless I get caught up in a bad rotation. I can just use my rocket to destroy all supporting troops, then use the inferno tower to clean up the tank.

Siege: I do alright against these. A good siege player can beat me relatively easy, since my deck does not feature any high-hp units. However, the inferno tower and rocket can both counter the mortar and x-bow relatively well, and switching between them can allow me to easily kill the building without counters. (If I play my rocket, they will tone down on the supporting troops. If I play inferno tower, they will use more troops to defend. If I use rocket after the inferno tower, I can kill troops AND the building to give me an advantage.)

Chip: I can usually out-chip other decks. I win more often than I lose against these. It really depends on the main win condition(card used to win with) that they play with, and the style of the deck.

Bait: It really depends on card rotation. Which cards I have available to counter can easily dictate the entire match. I usually do really well against them, but I still lose occasionally.

Bridge Spam: It’s really funny, because this archetype works great if the opponent has an elixir disadvantage, but my deck works great if I have an elixir disadvantage, so we both play to our strengths. I usually win against them, but sometimes I lose.

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What is the oddest strategy you use in a video game to win?
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