Matrica Centino’s Loss In Q&A Sparks Reaction From Netizens

Netizens’ reaction to the loss of Matrica Centino in Miss Q&A

MATRICA CENTINO – The loss of Matrica Centino in the Question and Answer portion of a segment in the ABS-CBN noontime variety show It’s Showtime elicited comments from the netizens.

Based on a previous article, the top three finalists who made it to the final round of It’s Showtime Miss Q&A were Juliana Parizcovia Segovia, Matrica “Matmat” Centino, and Lars Pacheco.

According to the report, Juliana Parizcovia Segovia was crowned as the Grand Winner of the contest. Matrica Centino finished as 1st Runner-up. The latter was the first one to give an answer to the question.

The Final Question was: “Sa iyong palagay, ano ang pinakamahirap na tanong at bakit” (For you, what is the hardest question and why?).

Matrica Centino

Facebook/Matmat Centino

Matmat Centino expressed that the hardest question is why the LGBTQ community was still unacceptable even now and despite this, they would still fight for it.

Albeit the loss of Matmat, netizens pointed out parts as to why she lost. According to Kami, a netizen pointed out that the question was shown in the LED while questioning Matmat. He also said that this will give Juliana and Lars an advantage to think of their answers.

Pinakita sa led wall ang question while questioning Matmat. If ever na nakita ni Juliana and Lars take advantage na sila to think their answers. 😱#ShowtimeMissQATheFinaLAnswer

— Jovi 🔥 (@Jovilits) June 30, 2018

Another netizen agreed to it and said it’s unfair to Matmat if she ever saw it.

Another netizen even asked if who deserves the crown.

so what happen #ShowtimeMissQATheFinaLAnswer who really deserved the Crown? is it matmat who doesnt have an idea about the question that was asked or the 2 remaining candidate? @#MissQandA #ShowtimeMissQATheFinaLAnswer

— iamKingMckoii (@KingMckoii) June 30, 2018

According to ABS-CBN, as for the answers for the other two, for Juliana, it was her fear in life and said it will be when her mom is gone. For Lars, it is her self as a being, when questioned by individuals and said that she would not be dictated in terms of her identity.

What can you say about this?

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Matrica Centino’s Loss In Q&A Sparks Reaction From Netizens
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