Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds & More Read Heart Wrenching Letter From Migrant Mother

Rick: The lefties, in their haste to hate Trump, circumvent as much truth as they can. Kashoggi was a contributor to the Op-Ed page, not a columnist. Kashoggi was a Muslim Brotherhood Activist. Whether he was right or wrong about civil rights conditions in Saudi Arabi is moot, as the Brotherhood offers nothing better. In fact, The Brotherhood is more Sharia Correct then is the House of Saud.....Kashoggi had no Diplomatic Credentials, He was not in the employ of The United States or any American Company....His mission at the Embassy was totally for his own benefit. He was not on American Soil, He was not murdered in an American Facility, he was not murdered by Americans, at the order of Americans for an American....In Short, The United States had nothing to do with it, and we can not investigate it unless we are invited to do so by the Turkish & Saudi Governments., We have to depend on third hand evidence, gathered by ideologically & Politically motivated sources. Hardly the kind of information To depend on to make international diplomatic decisions with no less then an Israeli-Iranian-Saudi-Syrian war in the balance. --- In the meantime, The Lying Lefty Media Hate Brigade is free to speculate, point fingers and fix blame, especially as it is doubtful the House of Saud would initiate a Slander Case in United States Courts....=> I have a friend who was a big time journalist in Pakistan. He was not a TV Anchor but he was widely published, respected, and often contributed to the political discourse in Pakistan.....Until he wrote an article critical of Prime Minister Marshariff ...then the secret police came for him. Ali knew that if he fell into Police Custody, he would disappear. They got the word just in time, and his publisher spirited him out the back door as the Secret Police were coming in the front. Ali made it to the American Embassy, asked for and was granted Political Asylum. He came to the United States where his Journalism Credentials meant squat......Kashoggi knew what game he was playing, and he knew the consequences of losing it.

Source : https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/detective-pikachu-first-trailer-ryan-171815086.html

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