How To Read More Books Before The Year Is Over.

“The entire time we were there, mesmerized by the stillness and the beauty, an older gentleman and, we presumed, his wife, were sitting together in an embrace, looking out at the water, not moving, lost in thought. I am certain he was a returned veteran, someone who survived that extraordinary landing, someone who had come back to find peace and perhaps remember the friends he had lost at that very place. Quietly, but deliberately, he stood up. He took off his clothes piece by piece. Then, completely naked, with a squeeze of his wife's hand, he walked straight out into the water. Unabashed. Unembarrassed. Without awareness of anybody watching, lost in his memories and the moment. he seemed to be performing a ritual of purity, allowing the waves to carry him in and out as they once had washed soldiers’ bodies back and forth until the dead were finally recovered after the fighting on the beach.”

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