How To Get Readers To Read More Of Your Content

Welcome to Bites, a regular series created in partnership with online analytics, to help media companies to understand how to better engage and build their audiences. The latest entry looks at what readers want. This time, we're taking a closer look at readers, by taking a look at what they read when they're on (and off) the clock.

One way to look into what readers want is by looking into what people like you or your colleagues read on a daily basis. What do they scroll through as they get through their own 9-to-5s, and how can you learn from that?

Well, during the work week, expect much of the content your teammates read to be in the technology and business sectors. Guess a lot of us want to see what Mark, Jack, and Elon might say or do next.

But on weekends? Health and fitness, as well as political news, receive a spike of all the thumbs that scroll through such content every Saturday and Sunday.

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