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Today as my children and I biked, scootered and walked to the first day of school at Steele Elementary, I saw the new bike lanes being installed. I am beyond ecstatic! I grew up in the Old North End and Cascade Ave. has always been a haphazard street to drive down and to cross as a pedestrian. Now with the bike lanes, my three children can walk to their Nana’s home, a few blocks away, without having to navigate four lanes of traffic. Also, the bike lanes help calm traffic through the neighborhood by reducing the high speeds cars can go and thus enhancing the quality of life for people living and walking on Cascade. The bike lanes also serve the purpose to allow cyclists to have a dedicated lane to travel in to and from downtown. Raising my children in a walkable and bikeable community is important to me and another reason why I’m so happy to be living in Colorado Springs as it continues to reinvent itself.

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