Fork Worthy In Jackson Ward: Where And What To Eat Right Now

Salt and Forge, which opened in April at 312 N. Second St., home of those biscuits with seasonal beer jam, is the latest eatery to boost Jackson Ward’s status as a fork-worthy destination. At Salt and Forge, located between Broad and Marshall streets and across from Big Herm’s Kitchen, Fighting Fish and J Kogi Seoul Street Eats, owner David Hahn has taken “four walls and a floor” and brought life to his side of Second Street with a robust breakfast and lunch menu. House-smoked meats for specialty sandwiches, accompanied by homemade jams and sauces and dressings, keep things going after the breakfast rush for biscuits and gravy, avocado toast and cold-brew coffees wanes.

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Fork-worthy in Jackson Ward: where and what to eat right now
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