Five Foreign Vacations You Can Take Under Rs 1 Lakh Each

Lack of matches directly results in lack of money. If a senior player gets to play all the matches representing her state - with her team reaching the final in the 50-over and 20-over formats - she will end up earning around Rs 1.5 lakh in a year. As one of the cricketers puts it, "Not only is the amount ridiculously low, but it also isn't paid timely." A player gets a maximum of only two BCCI organised tournaments for senior state teams to play in. There is no equivalent of other prestigious men's tournaments like Duleep, Deodhar or Irani trophies. It gets slightly better if a player gets selected for the Challengers Trophy, where the 45 best players from the country play, or if she is also eligible to play Under-19 and Under-23 games. Jemimah Rodrigues might be a rare exception in this, but other than that it's a miserable state to be in.

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Indian women's cricket - Setting sail with anchor down
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