Dems Worry That Supporters Are Suffering From Trump Fatigue

Some Democratic leaders are concerned that chaos in Washington may exhaust supporters and keep them away from voting, >The Boston Globe


"There are a lot of people who are tired of talking about and tired of hearing about Donald Trump nonstop. … I do find people saying they’re more likely to avoid discussion of politics than they were in the past," Democratic pollster Mark Mellman told the Globe.

Leaders have begun to look at voter fatigue and found that Democrats are twice as likely than Republicans to tell pollsters that President Donald Trump’s antics and policies make them "exhausted."

Democrats are also less likely than Republicans to be "engaged" and "interested in taking action," a >Navigator Research

survey reported.

"There is so much news that sounds very worrying and very troubling," Margie Omero, a Democratic pollster who helped with the Navigator Research poll, told the Globe.

Omero said her research shows a "delicate balance" exists between motivating the Democratic base and wearing them down with overwhelming anti-Trump information.

Democratic strategists say the key is to focus on ideas separate from Trump.

"It’s not a profile in courage to slam Trump, because everyone is there … everyone is rightfully outraged. So OK, you’re outraged at the president, but what is your solution?" said consultant Alex Goldstein, the Globe reported.

Democrats are hoping that the fight over a Supreme Court nominee can push the national debate toward issues that engage voters, the report said.

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Dems Worry That Supporters Are Suffering From Trump Fatigue
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