Alabama Football: Danny Sheridan Dishes Odds And Tigers Moan

Let’s be clear, only Alabama football fans will enjoy what follows. If you are a faithful fan of Tigers, Clemson, Auburn, even LSU and you have stumbled upon this site for the first time, this post might cause you to quickly exit and never return.

We don’t devote many posts to poking fun at our foes but this an exception. Readers who are not Alabama football fans and want to complain, jump in below. Just don’t whine about Danny Sheridan being an Alabama Crimson Tide fan. He is and we admit it. But he has made a career of setting odds without showing favor to the Tide.

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Most Alabama football fans are quite fond of Danny. Why wouldn’t we be? During the Cam Newton saga, when it became pretty clear, Auburn had paid Cam’s dad for the son’s services, Danny announced he knew and discussed the deal with the ‘bag man.’

Sheridan’s most recent incendiary picks include a hypothetical season-opening game between the Crimson Tide and Clemson. Danny says the Tide would be favored by 2.5-3 points. He explained that is not a post-season prediction. He is not ready to make such a pick yet. In fact, he gave the Crimson Tide and Clemson, an equal chance to win the national championship.

Alabama or Clemson vs. the field, which is any other college team, I would make them both 6 to 5 favorites to win the national championship.

I don’t ever really remember doing that with any two teams. No surprise as they are head and shoulders above everybody. That’s the first time I ever done that, and I don’t recall anyone else ever doing it.

Danny painted a much different picture of the Auburn Tigers. He has long been a critic of Gus Malzahn’s ‘high-school’ offense. Sheridan gave Auburn a season over-under for wins of eight. Other top teams, Danny rated above Auburn were Clemson (11.5 wins), Alabama (11), Georgia (10.5) and Florida (9).

Sheridan also said while Clemson is a great team, it “would not go undefeated in the SEC.”


Sheridan’s comments about Auburn, and more specifically, Gus Malzahn follow a recurring theme.

I said Auburn has accepted mediocrity. In the last five years, Malzahn lost five games (three times) during the regular season and four games during the regular season. One time, he lost 6 games.

Sheridan believes Gus cannot develop a quarterback and Malzahn’s offense is detrimental to talented quarterbacks like Jarrett Stidham.

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Stirring up Aubies is such fun. Particularly when someone else is doing it.

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Alabama Football: Danny Sheridan dishes odds and Tigers moan
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