Agree Trump And Kim Jong Un To Normalize Relations And The Denuclearization Of Korean Peninsula ( Photos)

Singapore, Jun 12.- The first meeting in nearly 70 years between the rulers of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the United States concluded today with the consensus to work together to normalize their relations and to denuclearize the Korean peninsula.

The American president, Donald Trump, confirmed to journalists in Singapore that established these commitments with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and especially decided to focus on the last of them to return peace and stability to that territory.

In this regard, the trustee Asia reminded him of the dismantling of the nuclear test site in the DPRK as evidence of their firm determination to resolve the issue, the greater point of friction between the parties.

Trump stated that will push it to complete denuclearization, but warned that scientifically that process takes time and the sanctions will be lifted only when Washington has certainty of the existence of armaments.

In addition will keep the troops in South Korea, although stop military exercises in the area.

As the next step advancement that the National Security Adviser, John Bolton, in brief will coordinate the conclusion of a peace agreement with China, Surcorea and Japan, whose leaders thanked them for their support for the realization of the summit with Kim.

In his view, the appointment on this Tuesday was unprecedented, honest, direct and productive, because opened hopes about the end of the conflict that arose with the Korean war 65 years ago and demonstrated that adversaries can become friends.

"We are ready to start a new story, a new chapter between our countries," he said.

He also praised the leadership of Kim and called him a talented young who assumed the reins firmly of the DPRK in the midst of the crisis by the nuclear issue.

"He knows what you want to (...) you want a bright future for North Korea," he said.

The two exchanged and accepted visits to their respective nations, but only will take place "at the appropriate time and when clear the path".

They also played issues related to human rights and even the repatriation of the remains of at least six thousand who died during the Korean War.

The summit of this Tuesday began with private discussions, followed by an extended meeting with advisors from both dignitaries and then a working lunch that joined other officials of each government.

All images of the meeting showed from start to finish an atmosphere of cordiality, marked by frequent grips of hands, laughter and détente between the rulers and their teams’ companions.

(PL) (Photos: Taken from CUBADEBATE)

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Agree Trump and Kim Jong-un to normalize relations and the denuclearization of Korean peninsula (+ Photos)
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