Extracurricular activities always look great on a college application, and we don't mean two-day Fortnite tournaments. The kinds of extracurriculars that (supposedly) get the most attention are the ones that cost money.

While a lot of high school grads have to work at McDonald's just to afford to put gas in their cars, some kids have parents who buy them application-boosting experiences away from home. The Daily Beast says this could be something like a service trip, where a recent grad might work as a volunteer English teacher at an orphanage abroad. This sort of experience will probably cost around $10,000, but at the end of it students will be well-rounded, compassionate people. Although who really cares about that if it also helps them get into an Ivy League school.

Like sending your kid to an expensive prep school, though, there's some doubt that buying expensive "service" trips really does much in the eyes of admissions officers. In some cases, it might even work a little bit against you because it looks an awful lot like trying to buy yourself an impressive application. The tactic tends to work best when it's part of a life-long pattern of service and community involvement, rather than just a one-off, "Hey look at me I taught English to orphans in Ghana." And those experiences do also provide subject matter for stellar college essays, so if they're done intelligently they probably can give a savvy student a leg-up.

Source : https://www.grunge.com/148103/what-rich-parents-do-to-get-their-kids-into-college/

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