11 Things You'll Hardly Ever See In The United States

  • America has plenty to offer, but there are many things you can only find outside the United States.

  • They include food items like brown sauce and bizarre sports like sepak takraw.

  • We chose 11 of our favorite things you usually won’t find in America.

The United States has plenty of good things going for it – from food to sports to culture – but it doesn’t have everything.

Most Americans have never tasted the wonders of brown sauce from the UK, for example, and they’ve probably never seen a high-flying match of sepak takraw, a sport popular in Southeast Asia.

Here’s a sampling of 11 things that you usually won’t find in America:

Source : http://www.businessinsider.com/things-you-wont-find-in-america-2018-7

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11 things you'll hardly ever see in the United States
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