The Boy Who Learned to Fly | Usain Bolt

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Usain Bolt Wins Second Season Start 4x100m Mixed Relay Nitro Athletics at Melbourne (HD)
Usain Bolt Opens Season 4x100m Mixed Relay Nitro Athletics Melbourne 2017
Usain Bolt wins 4x100m Relay Mixed Nitro Athletics Melbourne 2017
Усэйн Болт побеждает во втором старте сезона в смешанной эстафете 4×100 метров в Мельбурне 09.02.2017
There’s no ‘I’ in team, we hear often enough. There’s no UB either, but when you have Usain Bolt in your team history shows you are almost certain to win. Even if it is a near-run thing.
At the second meeting in the Nitro Athletics series on Thursday (9), Bolt again closed the night with a win in the mixed 4x100m relay. It was also the event the Bolt All-Stars drew as their random power play, meaning the team scored double points, 200 against the 100 for every other event.
That pulled The All-Stars up from way down in the rankings coming into the final event, which would still not have been enough to get them past Australia. However a botched changeover between Jack Hale and Fabrice Lapierre on the second leg saw Australia disqualified – with a consequent points’ penalty – and the All-Stars retain their winning record by the skin of their collective teeth

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