1. I was enjoying your vid until the end. Why did you ruin it with someone's dress blowing up and a child scratching their nose??? That was poor taste on your part and not necessary

  2. Best royal wedding since Duchess Catherine's. Unlike the one in May, Princess Eugenie' s wedding was beautiful and it was traditional just lovely. Her dress is beautiful, elegant, fitting, fit for a princess. Meagain's dress was plain, stiff and just meh. The guests at Eugenie's wedding all looked happy while at Meagain's wedding, guests looked down and not overjoyed. They knew it was a disaster letting the fake woman into the monarchy. Best wishes to Princess Eugenie and Jack. 🙂

  3. I don’t understand the hate for Megan. How do you downplay someone’s wedding? They felt that those elements were necessary for them and Eugenie didn’t. Both were beautiful. PERIOD!

  4. ….. Oh, my God! How much surgical operation!!! She's Just the HERO ! And her back looks like as the Masterpiece of the Great Sculptors of the Epoch of Renaissance! ANGEL!!!
    ….. My Hearty Best Wishes with your love, In Your Hero Life, Deep Respected Princess Eugenie ❤️👍!!! (it's why your face was radiating the inexpressible beam, the beam of the heroic virtuous!!!)
    ….. WE LOVE YOU!!! ANGEL!!! (GEORGIA ❤️)

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